MyLifeOS (Template + Guide)

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Tame your Tasks

A deceptively simple yet comprehensive system to manage the action and knowledge items of your life. It is perfect for beginners and people seeking an upgrade from plain to-do apps. 

The template and its companion user guide will provide you with everything you need to take control of your email action items, home/work tasks, ideas, read-laters and more.

The right tool meets the right system

The MyLifeOS system distills the best practices from the most popular approaches to Second Brain and Life OS solutions. Care has been taken to present it in an accessible and scalable fashion to suit your needs. That means avoiding feature overload (the “kitchen sink” approach) and focusing on refining the core system instead.

Choosing ClickUp as the tool to build MyLifeOS took mindful consideration and experiments with other tools. Some tools were modular documents, others were a minor upgrade over to-do apps. None of them suited a growing task and project environment, while still maintaining simplicity, in the long run.  

ClickUp is a DIY productivity system with Tasks at its center and  hierarchy and workflow tools to elevate your game. It grows with you and can handle everything from simple to-dos to deep organization and team workflow scenarios.

New users can use the below link to get ClickUp at the best price.

ClickUp Affiliate Link

What the Template has

The standalone template, built with ClickUp, comes out of the box with:

  1. A Universal Inbox for capturing- Helpfully labeled "START HERE"
  2. Task Containers for organization - Family/Social/Home/ Work/ Wellness/ Storage
  3. Automations that control the workflow
  4. Periodic review system to shepherd your tasks and projects

NOTE: ClickUp Subscription NOT included. Can be used with free version. Check FAQ below for more information

Why the User Guide is unique

Most templates come as standalone packages or anchor you to a community. The burden of getting the most out of that template and interpreting its intention lies on you. This User Guide changes all that.

By pairing your template with the ecosystem of tools it works with, such as the Browser extension and Mobile App, the template gains superpowers. 

Reading through the intended use case with structure and examples allows you to extract the most of what the template has to offer. Chapters cover:

  1. Using the universal inbox  (Capture tasks from mobile/email/browser)
  2. Extracting the most out of the task view (Task statuses, Subtasks, attachments, recurring reminders, etc)
  3. Using the Task containers
  4. How the review system keeps you on top of your tasks
  5. Setting up quick access to your most used containers/ tasks or views
  6. And much more

You can be ready to use the template in less than 40 minutes of installing it!

For the budding productivity enthusiasts, the User Guide also lays a path to craft your own task containers, custom dashboards and automation scripts to truly become the Sensei of your System.

In other words, the User Guide helps you choose your path.

  1. A consciously crafted out-of-the-box system to manage your Tasks
  2. Customize the structure to suit your growing requirements

Why choose this template

With this template you're served by 20 years of work experience. This includes over 3 years as a Verified ClickUp consultant. I have helped organisations untangle complex workflows and busy professionals setup custom Second Brain and Life OS solutions. This product is a distillation of that experience and creates an accessible approach to organised living. More about my work here.


  • Who is this product for ?
    • You have researched and possibly attempted creating an all inclusive hub for your tasks, projects and resources. But you’d like a simple, pre-built solution from a qualified professional.  This template is a logical step up from simple To Do apps and Spreadsheets disguised as task managers. Feedback from Busy professionals, Family managers and Solopreneurs have gone into crafting this product.
  • Does this template work with ClickUp’s free plan ?
    • The template has been tested successfully in the free plan. However, Continuous use of automations and custom field features from this template can run into ClickUp’s free budget pretty quickly. Once you run into those limits ClickUp is still functional. You would, however, now need to manually drag and drop tasks from Inbox to other lists or create tasks inside relevant Destinations, unless you upgrade. If you plan to make ClickUp a long term manager of your tasks and projects I recommend buying the Unlimited Plan or better. New users can use my affiliate link for the best available deal.
  • Do I have to pay for updates to the Template and User Guide ?
    • Nope. The template and user guide are a one time purchase with lifetime updates included.
  • What can I expect from the 60 min consultation call ?
    • Opting for the MyLifeOS Pro tier product gets you the Template, User Guide and 60 minutes of 1-on-1 consulting with me. You will be provided with a single-use link to my calendar. 
    • You can take your time going through the template and guide, note your requirements and queries before scheduling the session.
    • The calendar link will also collect information about your key objectives from this call so that we can both be prepared to address it
    • The session will be conducted over a Zoom call. Shared screen will be necessary for assistance
    • On the call I can help address your queries and customize the template to any specific workflows you would need. I can even guide you on solutions that would need external tools/automations/integrations to resolve. Please Note: Some requests would need a paid account of ClickUp to resolve. External integrations/automations would be on best effort basis within the time limit available.
  • I downloaded this template but it does not meet my needs, what are my options ?
    • All efforts have been made to keep the template simple and accessible. You are advised to go through the approach and examples provided above to determine whether this is the type of solution that would suit you. Despite the precautions and research if you still feel that this product does not perform as advertised, please reach out within 15 days for refund processing.
    • Note: Consultation cost of USD 400, applicable in the MyLifeOS Pro tier, is non refundable once availed.
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You get a clean and easy to use template and a User Guide that will help you implement the recommended routine that helps you make the most out of the template.

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MyLifeOS (Template + Guide)

4 ratings
I want this!